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Happy Creek Trail ~ Hinton, AB

Spend the morning with two fabulous and inspirational women, Sarah from Stop Nothing but Time and Jax  with her trusted companion Raya.

I decided to leave my entourage at home!

So what did we tackle …

Happy Creek Trail

This popular local trail is part of the Hinton Mountain  Bike Association (HMBA) Trail system that connects directly to the Beaver Boardwalk.

At close to 6km from the parking lot for the Beaver boardwalk this is a great hike to use for conditioning yourself for the longer more challenging hikes. Which we plan on doing a few times through out the season,
Sign in the Parking Lot
We chose to start the hike at the west trail head, there are two access points within a couple hundred feet of each other.
Liked the distance signage along the way
With no shortage of orange tin trail markers along the trail I never felt like we were heading the wrong directions. Km signs along the route was a nice added touch especially if you are using this as a training trail.
Looks like a nice place to test out our camp stoves for lunch!


As this is primarily a Bike trail please use respect and yield to the bikers as they pass by

Trail Etiquette (taken from HMBA)

  • Respect other trail users, pass with care and yield to pedestrians
  • Leave no trace and pack out any litter
  • Respect wildlife
  • All terrain vehicles (ATVs) and motor bikes are not permitted on singletrack trails
  • Stay on existing trails
  • Dogs are permitted on trails but should be kept under control
  • Avoid muddy trails to prevent trail widening and erosion
  • Respect private land > Ask permission, leave gates as they are found
There are a few well constructed bridges and boardwalks to allow you to cross creeks and swampy areas without getting your feet soaked.
I am truly blessed to be able to live in an area that you can literally leave your house
and hit any number of trails, whether you want to bike, hike, walk or run.I will definitely be using this trail to help me build up my strength and endurance for those bigger, longer hikes that are on my bucket list!

Happy Hiking

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