Vacation… Not for this gal!

So people all around me are always taking vacation….
So what do I do?  I plan a staycation!

After a few years of no extended time off work I was overdue 
and looking forward to the time at home

I get my time booked off and start my planning 

The list I have created for myself was much longer than I was expecting.

Finish cleaning out the junk left in the yard (I had started this a couple weeks prior)

Tear off back section of the deck



Build Garden boxes

Fix fencing

and the list goes on…but you get the idea!

And just like that …. Garden boxes

Will I plan another Staycation? 

You bet. I was finally able to have the time to tackle some of those yard plans I had been thinking about for over a year. Which in the end made me realize that all the things I didn’t like about my yard where just things that I had not had the time to change. Its amazing how life gets away from us with the demands of day to day life. 

Staycation 2015….wonder what I will tackle next

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