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Who ever said change was bad

It was back in August that I managed to take some serious time off work! 
During this time my family and I came to realize that me being home for after school and supper time was important. 
This was always something that I had dreamed about but always said “we cant afford it” But really the question was what was I willing to sacrifice for this? The more I looked at it and analysed it the more I came to realize that it was actually easier than I thought!
Armed with my new found desire and knowledge I took that plunge to be home more! I still work outside the home but I was fortunate enough to find something that would allow me to be home with my family after school and on weekends! This change is something that is both a blessing and a challenge.
 The Challenge?
Adjusting to finally having what I refer to as my happy balance point between personal and professional life.  
So no more take out, Tim Hortons and spur of the moment shopping adventures for me! 
This doesn’t mean I can not still do the things that make me happy. Just means I have to be more careful about how I go about it…that’s all. 
Can I still plan my backpacking trips for 2015 …You Bet! 
Can I still hike with my dogs, friends and Family….Absolutely
To all of those out there with a desire and a dream 
Sometimes in life we just have to take the leap, with some careful planning of course!


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