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Puppy Love

Meet Tess..
A Charcoal Labrador
The newest member to the Pack


She is 12 weeks of age and has been with us for a month already. 
She is sweet and cuddly and very much a typical Labrador at heart. 
The day we brought her home was an exciting day for all for many different reasons. 
Honorable mention … 
The terrible weather I endured. Sun, Rain, freezing rain, snow. The drive which is typically an 8 hr round trip turned into 14, partially due to my must stop at Costco in the city. 
But we could not be anymore blessed than we are with this little girl. She loves her crate, has only had the occasional accident in the house (mainly our fault for not paying attention) and loves her toys. 
She loves our daughter and the other dogs. 
Sam is indifferent with her, hes too old to care, and just wants to know when she will grow up  
Mya has taken on a mother roll with her and Tess is learning quickly
She joins us for walks but by next summer she will joining us  on all of our adventures!
Welcome home Tess

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