Hinton, Alberta Hiking

First Hike 2015

With the new year comes new Commitments for me. Part of that commitment is making sure I get outside and enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather! I’m not made of sugar even if sometimes I think I am. 
So with this in mind I drag my sloth like body off the couch grab a coffee and start to pack up all the items I wanted to try on the trail today. Christmas was good to me this year for gear. 
I start with fitting the new Pack a The North Face Casimir 36L. I grab a few esstional items needed for the dogs to join me, leash, treats, and water! And them I focus on myself. I pack in MSR Alpine 2 pot set and the Catfood can stove. Look for a bottle that I can use for the fuel, this was harder than one would think..We don’t drink a lot of pop or bottled water around here and decide that I will try re-hydrating a moose meat stew that I dehydrated a couple weeks prior. 
With my gear packed up and the dogs all ready to get out, I put on the boots and head outside! 
I meet up with my Friend Sarah Burns 
over at Stop Nothing but Time and we hit the HMBA trails. 
After a little ways we get to one of my favorite spots, the look out!
 We take a moment to just take it all in
We find a place to have some trail lunch and test out some of the new gear! 
Moose meat stew
Sam decides that now is a good time to have a break, while the girls, Mya & Tess explore and find sticks to chew on!  
The Old boy
Definitely looking forward to what 2015 has in store

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