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Snowshoeing .. You bet I did it!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I like to hibernate like a bear in the winter. Only going out for the bare necessities! Work, Kids to school, grocery shopping … starting to see the trend yet? 
So it was this winter that I told myself I would spend more time enjoying the outdoors the same way I do in the summer. I bought some proper winter wear and am learning how to layer properly. 
It was cold here today (-20C), but calm 
which in reality makes it not that bad to be outside. 
My Hiking partner and I decided to try doing our regular hiking loop but with snowshoes, seeing as they were one of the winter items I invested in this year 
 They are on the right way! Looks backwards I know
We learnt how to pace ourselves 
The Sun even came out
Ya we made it! 
Trail coffee with a view
I can totally do winter hiking!
 Now lets see what other places I will explore this winter

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