Changes In The Air

Currently, here in Canada, we are in the beginning stages of our fight against Covid-19. Things are changing hourly and it is hard to keep up with what we as a community should be doing or not doing. For myself and my family not much has changed with the exception that our daughter isn’t allowed to go to school and I need to close the storefront to my little shop.

This leaves me with the reality that my little shop needs to have a better online presence. Which is not a new idea for me but one I have been procrastinating over for way too long. Procrastination is something I am very good at.

So now that I am practicing more social distancing. I have more time to work on updating my website, adding in an online shop, and creating more blog content to share with all of you. The last couple of years have been a whirlwind of self-discovery and personal growth. Much of what I have have been up too I am now being called to share my story. More of that to come in the coming weeks and months.

I look forward to sharing all kinds of new things with you here. From info on Reiki, crystals, macrame and some new hiking adventures, I hope to do this summer.

Stay safe out there friends