Whirlpool Camp ~ Jasper, Alberta

This was the first time I took Mya along with me and for those of you who do not already know who Mya is she is my chocolate lab aka. Crazy Brown Dog She has gone car camping with me multiple times but never back country and she was defiantly up for the challenge


One happy pup about to hit the trail

With Whirlpool campground being at the  6.5kms mark along the Athabasca Pass Trail it was the perfect opportunity to take Mya and a few ridiculous luxury items as well.


Yes that is a frying pan and eggs

The trail follows an old fire road so its easy to follow. Near the beginning of the trail you pass by Moab Lake which is fishable.


This campground is very primitive.  No luxury of the green throne here … You guessed it only a hole in the ground and a log for you to perch on. For some this might be a deal breaker but I have to say it was not all that bad.

This was the first time I got to use my Mountain Hardwear Optic Vue 3.5 and I have to say I love it. It was a little big for just Mya and I but would be perfect for two people and a four legged companion or three people.

Our weather was wet and windy but it kept the mosquitoes away that we found during our day hike a little further up the trail.

We came across a couple of these torn up trees that had been stripped by a porcupine. Something I had never seen before. I found it fascinating.


Mya was unsure on how she was to react to the bird that was chasing us down the trail.


Parts of the trail past Whirlpool where very wet, it looked like a creek had rerouted itself to follow the trail. There is also a log crossing that for myself was more difficult than I had expected. The log was wet and it crossed over a raging creek. Stop over to  Stop Nothing But Time to see her post about our trip for a couple of images from this spot.

Our steak and egg supper was by far the best back country food I have yet

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Snowshoeing .. You bet I did it!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I like to hibernate like a bear in the winter. Only going out for the bare necessities! Work, Kids to school, grocery shopping … starting to see the trend yet? 
So it was this winter that I told myself I would spend more time enjoying the outdoors the same way I do in the summer. I bought some proper winter wear and am learning how to layer properly. 
It was cold here today (-20C), but calm 
which in reality makes it not that bad to be outside. 
My Hiking partner and I decided to try doing our regular hiking loop but with snowshoes, seeing as they were one of the winter items I invested in this year 
 They are on the right way! Looks backwards I know
We learnt how to pace ourselves 
The Sun even came out
Ya we made it! 
Trail coffee with a view
I can totally do winter hiking!
 Now lets see what other places I will explore this winter

Beauty Creek to Stanley Falls

A moderate yet short hike at approx. 4kms to Stanley Falls and back, with no shortage of breathtaking views.
 The trail starts at a road side turn out approximately 88km south of Jasper, Alberta along hwy 93.
Watch for the two large culverts going under the road in the Flats coming from Jasper you will pass by the Beauty Creek Hostel before arriving at the Trail Head.
Beauty Creek, Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada


Follow the berm across the flats and thru the trees where you will connect with the old section of Hwy. The Hwy here was rerouted back in the 1960’s before the relocation of the Icefields Parkway and until the relocation this trail would have been a roadside attraction.
Beauty Creek, Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada
Old Hwy
Continue along the old Hwy till you get to the end where the trail turns off to the left and you start up the canyon, if your not sure just watch for the arrow made of rocks pointing you in the right direction. If you miss the arrow no worries you don’t go far to where the road ends and the bridge is no longer there to get across Beauty Creek.
Beauty Creek, Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada
Sarah Burns from Stop Nothing But Time taking a moment to enjoy the view
Almost immediately you can hear and see the picturesque beauty that makes this hike well worth the time it took us to get here.
Beauty Creek, Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada


There are no barriers here and to get some of the best views of the falls you must get very close to the edge of the rock.
Always use appropriate caution


Beauty Creek, Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada
Jax taking in the view
Even though this is a short hike allow yourself lots of time to explore and stop to just enjoy. At any given moment you could see anyone of us exploring different areas with such joy that it reminded me of a bunch of teenage girls!


Beauty Creek, Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada
Chris enjoying everything this hike has to offer.
Her smile says it all



Beauty Creek, Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada
The official Trail ends at the unmarked Stanley Falls.
Beauty Creek, Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada
Stanley Falls
The trail does continue past Stanley Falls to another waterfall that we had seen pictures of. This section of trail is not for the faint of heart, it turns into a very narrow and sometimes almost completely washed out goat trail. After traveling a short distance down the trail we realized that we did not have the comfort level or equipment to attempt going any farther.
So we found ourselves a nice spot along the waters edge had some lunch and began the trek back.
This is definitely a place that will be on my yearly list. I am already planning my next visit back there to take my family, as this is a definite must for anyone in the area. It never fails to amaze me how lucky I am to live in an area that provides you with such natural beauty.