Jacque Lake ~ Jasper National Park

Girls only you say?

You bet this trip was planned as a all girls trip. There was six of us in total two of which were preteen girls.

Jacque Lake - Jasper National Park - Canada

Let the fun begin

So let’s just get right down to it

Elevation Gain: 240 m

Distance: 12.2kms into Jacque Lake

Difficulty: Easy

Directions to Trailhead

From Jasper
Take Highway 16 east towards Edmonton. Two km from Jasper, turn right across the bridge onto Maligne Road. Continue for 28 km south on the Maligne Road to the south end of Medicine Lake. Turn left into the parking lot.


Jacque Lake - Jasper National Park - Canada

Stop Nothing But Time hiking the old fire road with my Daughter


Trailhead to Jacque Lake Campground 12.2km

You will then find the tail head at the Beaver Lake Picnic Area. The hike begins on an old fire road for the first 4.8kms and at km 1.6 you will arrive at Beaver Lake. It’s a small lake with nice views where we saw canoes that you could rent (Check out Currie’s Guiding for more info).


Jacque Lake - Jasper National Park - Canada

Beaver Lake


3.2kms further down the trail you will arrive at the first of the Summit Lakes


Jacque Lake - Jasper National Park - Canada

The first of the three Summit Lakes


The trail turns to the right and goes into the forest. This is where you leave the old fire road and continue along a narrow rooty trail. We went in early fall so it was a lot drier than what you read about in the spring and summer months.


Jacque Lake - Jasper National Park - Canada

Part of the trail after the turn at Summit Lake


This was a long but easy hike and is a great overnight for families. I took my daughter (typical preteen on my hands at this time) on her first overnight trip here. Part of the appeal is that you can have a fire, which is a nice treat most of the back country campgrounds in the national park fires are prohibited.  With campfire comes SMORES!!!! I love this photo of Stop Nothing but Time 


Jacque Lake - Jasper National Park - Canada

Campfire and Smores


It was during this trip that I realized she was interested in taking photos. A love I was surprised to see and that she was coming to that age that she would no longer want to hike with me and this turned out to be her first backpacking trip and her last for over a year. With a new season approaching and her now armed with her own camera equipment she is showing a new interest in once again joining me for short hikes and overnights.


Jacque Lake - Jasper National Park - Canada

My daughter spending some time with the camera


The area is known to be frequented by moose and you can read many stories in the guest log that you will find in the common area. I was hoping to be one of the lucky ones that would be able to add to the stories but all I seen was a single cow moose meandering along the shallows at the opposite side of the lake munching on grasses.


Jacque Lake - Jasper National Park - Canada

Can you spot the moose?


Where do you book?

Reservations open in January for a bunch of the campgrounds in the National Park                           A backcountry camping permit is mandatory for all overnight trips and can be obtained online at reservations.pc.gc.ca or by calling 1877-737-3783

Non-refundable reservation fee $11 ($13.50 if done by phone)

In winter please check the local avalanche bulletins and condition

Jacque Lake ~ Jasper National Park

Who ever said change was bad

It was back in August that I managed to take some serious time off work! 
During this time my family and I came to realize that me being home for after school and supper time was important. 
This was always something that I had dreamed about but always said “we cant afford it” But really the question was what was I willing to sacrifice for this? The more I looked at it and analysed it the more I came to realize that it was actually easier than I thought!
Armed with my new found desire and knowledge I took that plunge to be home more! I still work outside the home but I was fortunate enough to find something that would allow me to be home with my family after school and on weekends! This change is something that is both a blessing and a challenge.
 The Challenge?
Adjusting to finally having what I refer to as my happy balance point between personal and professional life.  
So no more take out, Tim Hortons and spur of the moment shopping adventures for me! 
This doesn’t mean I can not still do the things that make me happy. Just means I have to be more careful about how I go about it…that’s all. 
Can I still plan my backpacking trips for 2015 …You Bet! 
Can I still hike with my dogs, friends and Family….Absolutely
To all of those out there with a desire and a dream 
Sometimes in life we just have to take the leap, with some careful planning of course!


Wild Sculpture Trail ~ Part 1 Hoodoo Trail, Hinton Alberta

Why have I not taken advantage of this place before? On a whim I decide that today is the day to get off the couch and hit the trail. With two preteen girls, a friend and three dogs all loaded into the truck we hit the road for the almost hour long drive to check out the hoodoos along the Wild Scripture Trail
 So what makes me want to do this trail …. the Hoodoos of course! But after further investigation of the map I realize that this trail can offer so much more than just a spectacular view, Which is the plan for another day!
The Lake Trail : takes you along the valley below the hoodoos and is the longest at almost 10 kms with three back country campsites (I have not traveled into any of these locations)
The Hoodoo Trail : takes you along the base of the hoodoos and provides you with great views of  the  hoodoos, but does cut off a portion of the hoodoos themselves.
The Skyline Trail : takes you along the entire ridge of the hoodoos with breathtaking views.

Wild Sculpture Trail ~ Part 1 The Hoodoo Trail


I decided that this trip we would hike The Hoodoo Trail it is easy to follow and has been well used. Once we branched off from the Lake Trail onto the Hoodoos Trail the trail continued to be easy to follow but I would suggest long pants or gators as the brush was starting to overgrow in some sections and rubs against your legs. The Hoodoo trail takes you along the base of the hoodoos and is narrow and a bit sandy in some sections which during the wet season can cause for some slippery areas. There were signs that were posted at the “Y” ‘s to allow you to choose which trail you wanted to take, which I really liked.


Wild Sculpture Trail ~ Part 1 The Hoodoo Trail
So what did I like most about this Hike?
What wasn’t there to like?
Fresh air, Beautiful views, knowing your in a place that is virtually untouched by humans and best of all quality time with my daughter and niece
 Wild Sculpture Trail ~ Part 1 The Hoodoo Trail
 Even the dogs took a moment to relax and enjoy the surroundings. 
 Wild Sculpture Trail ~ Part 1 The Hoodoo Trail


 A glimpse of the view advantage from the Skyline trail
Wild Sculpture Trail ~ Part 1 The Hoodoo Trail
Everyone is Happy and Tired

Wild Sculpture Trail ~ Part 1 The Hoodoo Trail

I am definitely looking forward to going back here to explore the other trails!
And remember ….
Always be prepared before heading out into the woods.
More information can be found at Alberta Parks

Stay safe and Have fun!!!!

Happy Hiking!

Wild Sculpture Trail ~ Hoodoos

Happy Creek Trail ~ Hinton, AB

Spend the morning with two fabulous and inspirational women, Sarah from Stop Nothing but Time and Jax  with her trusted companion Raya.

I decided to leave my entourage at home!

So what did we tackle …

Happy Creek Trail

This popular local trail is part of the Hinton Mountain  Bike Association (HMBA) Trail system that connects directly to the Beaver Boardwalk.

At close to 6km from the parking lot for the Beaver boardwalk this is a great hike to use for conditioning yourself for the longer more challenging hikes. Which we plan on doing a few times through out the season,
Sign in the Parking Lot
We chose to start the hike at the west trail head, there are two access points within a couple hundred feet of each other.
Liked the distance signage along the way
With no shortage of orange tin trail markers along the trail I never felt like we were heading the wrong directions. Km signs along the route was a nice added touch especially if you are using this as a training trail.
Looks like a nice place to test out our camp stoves for lunch!


As this is primarily a Bike trail please use respect and yield to the bikers as they pass by

Trail Etiquette (taken from HMBA)

  • Respect other trail users, pass with care and yield to pedestrians
  • Leave no trace and pack out any litter
  • Respect wildlife
  • All terrain vehicles (ATVs) and motor bikes are not permitted on singletrack trails
  • Stay on existing trails
  • Dogs are permitted on trails but should be kept under control
  • Avoid muddy trails to prevent trail widening and erosion
  • Respect private land > Ask permission, leave gates as they are found
There are a few well constructed bridges and boardwalks to allow you to cross creeks and swampy areas without getting your feet soaked.
I am truly blessed to be able to live in an area that you can literally leave your house
and hit any number of trails, whether you want to bike, hike, walk or run.I will definitely be using this trail to help me build up my strength and endurance for those bigger, longer hikes that are on my bucket list!

Happy Hiking

A Hiking we will go!

With the spring finally set in means more time spent outside enjoying the beauty I get to call home.
I’m a little late getting this blog put together but I finally got it done. This past Long Weekend I got the pleasure of Hiking Valley of the Five Lake in Jasper, Alberta with a wonderful group of women and one brave Husband
And were off!!


So what happens when you go on a hike with not one but three Photographers….A whole lot of picture taking!!
The three photographers all taking in the view
Determined to get that photo of one of the first wild flowers of the season
Make sure you stop by fellow bloggers
For all the details for this hike.
Will this be a hike I do again this season … You bet it is
Only next time I will be dragging the preteen girl along with me… Kicking and screaming of course, that is until we get there and out on the trail.