Adventures of the 4 legged kind

Thought it was finally time to do some introductions .. Introducing Mya... Mya is our  chocolate lab and at the age of four has finally matured enough that back country camping became a reality for her and I. My joined our family when she was 18 months and had already been thru three homes. We … Continue reading Adventures of the 4 legged kind

Whirlpool Camp ~ Jasper, Alberta

This was the first time I took Mya along with me and for those of you who do not already know who Mya is she is my chocolate lab aka. Crazy Brown Dog She has gone car camping with me multiple times but never back country and she was defiantly up for the challenge With Whirlpool … Continue reading Whirlpool Camp ~ Jasper, Alberta

Berg Lake Trail ~ Mount Robson Provincial Park

Last year my friend Sarah over at Stop Nothing but Time convinced me to hike the Berg Lake Trail with her, her son and Nephew. I sure am glad I did! This was one of those hikes that when you see the pictures it instantly gets added to the bucket list. So when opportunity struck the … Continue reading Berg Lake Trail ~ Mount Robson Provincial Park

Beauty Creek to Stanley Falls

A moderate yet short hike at approx. 4kms to Stanley Falls and back, with no shortage of breathtaking views.  The trail starts at a road side turn out approximately 88km south of Jasper, Alberta along hwy 93. Watch for the two large culverts going under the road in the Flats coming from Jasper you will pass … Continue reading Beauty Creek to Stanley Falls