Snowshoe the Bighorn

Snowshoeing Jan 22, 2017 12:52 PM Duration (Total) 2h 42m 45s , Distance 4.1 km -Tracked by MySliceof_Paradise, on Ramblr Sign at the beginning of the trail There were many signs along the trail. Small Trail markers could be seen on the trees along another trail marker Practiced our fire building skils Mya was being such a [...]

Happy Creek Trail ~ Hinton, AB

Spend the morning with two fabulous and inspirational women, Sarah from Stop Nothing but Time and Jax  with her trusted companion Raya. I decided to leave my entourage at home! So what did we tackle ... Happy Creek Trail This popular local trail is part of the Hinton Mountain  Bike Association (HMBA) Trail system that connects directly to [...]