Trial & Error = Lessons Learned

With training for next years summer Hiking season already well underway, today was a day full of lessons learned. I pack up my bag, load up the pups into the truck and pick up my friend Sarah Burns over at Stop Nothing But Time for our first hike into the Willmore, I have been up here before hiking … Continue reading Trial & Error = Lessons Learned

Who ever said change was bad

It was back in August that I managed to take some serious time off work!  During this time my family and I came to realize that me being home for after school and supper time was important.  This was always something that I had dreamed about but always said "we cant afford it" But really … Continue reading Who ever said change was bad

Vacation… Not for this gal!

So people all around me are always taking vacation....So what do I do?  I plan a staycation!After a few years of no extended time off work I was overdue and looking forward to the time at homeI get my time booked off and start my planning  The list I have created for myself was much longer … Continue reading Vacation… Not for this gal!

Beauty Creek to Stanley Falls

A moderate yet short hike at approx. 4kms to Stanley Falls and back, with no shortage of breathtaking views.  The trail starts at a road side turn out approximately 88km south of Jasper, Alberta along hwy 93. Watch for the two large culverts going under the road in the Flats coming from Jasper you will pass … Continue reading Beauty Creek to Stanley Falls

Wild Sculpture Trail ~ Part 1 Hoodoo Trail, Hinton Alberta

Why have I not taken advantage of this place before? On a whim I decide that today is the day to get off the couch and hit the trail. With two preteen girls, a friend and three dogs all loaded into the truck we hit the road for the almost hour long drive to check … Continue reading Wild Sculpture Trail ~ Part 1 Hoodoo Trail, Hinton Alberta

Happy Creek Trail ~ Hinton, AB

Spend the morning with two fabulous and inspirational women, Sarah from Stop Nothing but Time and Jax  with her trusted companion Raya. I decided to leave my entourage at home! So what did we tackle ... Happy Creek Trail This popular local trail is part of the Hinton Mountain  Bike Association (HMBA) Trail system that connects directly to … Continue reading Happy Creek Trail ~ Hinton, AB

A Hiking we will go!

With the spring finally set in means more time spent outside enjoying the beauty I get to call home. I'm a little late getting this blog put together but I finally got it done. This past Long Weekend I got the pleasure of Hiking Valley of the Five Lake in Jasper, Alberta with a wonderful group … Continue reading A Hiking we will go!