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Getting Personal

  • Goodbye 2020

    Goodbye 2020... Dare I say it all wasn’t bad! I started a new business. I watched people come together in ways that I’ve not seen before! Goodbye 2020... Thank You
  • Holiday's and a Global Pandemic

    It's the morning of Black Friday and I am reflecting on how as a small business owner I chose to handle this big shopping day. People will want to be out shopping if they are not in lockdown, but the idea of a bunch of people inside the shop causes me concern. So as a small Brick and Mortar business we chose to go completely online for our black Friday / Cyber Monday sales. 

    When I started my formal Reiki training in October of 2017, many of my close family and friends were confused. They didn’t understand “where” this...
  • Small Business and My Own Fears...

    I have been struggling with how I wanted to approach this subject not only as a very small business owner but also as a human. I am worried.

    I am making contingency plans on what I will do with my current studio location. This May (2020) I will have been in my studio for 2 years! When I got the keys for the first time it was such a sense of pride and accomplishment. A lot has changed since that fateful day.