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Goodbye 2020

It’s the last Sunday of the year and the the last Full moon of the decade is in a couple days. I am preparing for a full moon community meditation

This last full moon has so much available to us to tap into as we reflect, clear out and set intentions. Now is a great time to tie up those tasks that you have been putting off. Who doesn’t like a clean slate to start from?

I have some big plans for 2021. I would not be speaking honestly if I said I wasn’t scared what the immediate next two months will look like. I am terrified. But I also know that I need to focus on what I can do to create the world I can see in my mind and feel in my heart. If I focus there then the fear subsides just enough to give my vision the energetic boost it needs. 

I invite you all to take some time this week to reflect on what 2020 has given you. Feel into that. Remember it. Now every time you find yourself thinking negatively about the last year, pull up that memory, and tap into that feeling of gratitude of what your gift was from 2020. 

We survived! We Learnt! We Adapted!

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year 


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