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Small Business and My Own Fears...

I have been struggling with how I wanted to approach this subject not only as a very small business owner but also as a human. I am worried.

I am making contingency plans on what I will do with my current studio location. This May (2020) I will have been in my studio for 2 years! When I got the keys for the first time it was such a sense of pride and accomplishment. A lot has changed since that fateful day.

Since then the space has changed from not only a portrait studio but to a space that I create in, share in and has begun to grow its own little community. Then Coronavirus came. It has changed everything. I no longer am allowed to have my doors open to the public for the risk that is involved. I miss the laughter during workshops, I miss connecting with individuals when they would come for a healing session. I miss taking a woman’s portrait and showing her her inner beauty.

I started working on creating more ways to reaching the public thru social media. I have been adding Macrame items to an etsy shop (still working on getting my own on online store) Last weekend I even test run doing distance healings thru zoom.

So my point of this little release of thoughts is this… Try to find ways to support the small business owners in your communities. Share their posts on social media, buy from them online or just reach out and say Hi.

We are all scared and some of us may not make it thru this but not without a fight.

To all the entrepreneurs out there … I see you.

With love Allison


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