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Crystals for Plant Care

Crystals for Plant Care

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There are many ways to help our plants be and stay healthy and hearty. Tumbled crystals are one of those ways that you can help your houseplants.

Green Aventurine x2
A classic stone of abundance and fertility, green aventurine is also known as a stone of new growth. This stone can help your plants grow strong and it is extremely helpful to the soil and plants 

Tigers Eye x2
If you’re concerned about root growth in your garden, place some tiger eye in the areas you wish to strengthen. This is an ancient trick to help roots to grow with more strength and vitality.

Rose Quartz x2 
Known as the stone of unconditional love, rose quartz sends loving energy to your plants as a method of support. Place a tumbled stone near the roots of a struggling plant.

Clear Quartz x2
Known as the Master Stone, clear quartz is the most common stone on our planet. Energizing and balancing, placing quartz near the roots of your plants will help keep the plant’s aura clear and energized. Another benefit, place a piece of clear quartz with your other garden crystals to boost their energy. 

Tourmaline x2
If your plant is struggling or if it becomes attacked by pests, you can place Tourmaline in the soil surrounding the plant to promote healing, general growth, and development.

Citrine x2
Warming and cleansing, citrine is said to carry the energy of the sun. It works well in your garden to help clear negative energy and provide regeneration. Place it in the far back left corner of your property to invite in wealth and abundance into your garden.