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Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp - Large

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp - Large

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Himalayan Salt Lamps come in many different shapes. No two are alike. 

You can expect various shades of orange to white. 

Will hold tealight or votive style candles

The science behind Himalayan salt therapy is fairly simple. Basically, the pink salt, when heated, is said to release negative ions.

Benefits of negative ions

Help regulate sleep patterns and mood, Reduce stress, Boost immune system function, Increase metabolism of carbs and fats

The best way to get negative ions is to go to where they exist naturally. There’s little anyone can say against spending a little time outdoors.

Step outside in the rain. Visit a waterfall, creek, riverbank, or beach.

Sit beside a decorative water fountain, often found at parks, shopping areas, and the lobbies of office buildings and hotels.

These lamps are great to have around the house. I particularly like having one on my desk while I'm working

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