Getting Personal

Still Open for Business

People ask if I am still open for business. My answer YES, YES I am. Business may look a little different these days but I am transitioning from basically a Brick and Morter business to more online.

I am a small one woman business that also works a full time job. It took me weeks to get an online store sorted out that I was happy with and could just be an extension of this blog space. After a lot of tears and frustration I finally got it and have been adding items to it as I make them.

I have been working on a few ideas in my off time. Macrame kits, Online workshops, virtual Reiki healings. All of these will be coming in the weeks ahead.

Last week we were informed that the current Physical distancing requirements will be in place till the end of August. That is many months from now. When this news was announced I hit my low. I needed time to process. It’s now more important than ever that we find ways to create a new normal that is within the guidelines. This means virtual shopping tours with curb side pick up or drop off. Shipping if you are out of town.

YES the shop is “open” for business. Please reach out if there is something you are looking for and you don’t see it on the online shop. I may have it.

Stay Safe and take care of yourself and those close to you.



My Slice of Paradise – Open for business